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HR Initiatives

The company is quite aware and sensitive about the importance of Human Resource under its umbrella and treats it as the most intelligent raw material in the business cycle.

It draws inspiration from the age old concepts of home building, territory possessiveness, courtship rituals and herd mentality found with the varied severity among animals and humans.

Theory of Geese

The company relies upon various behavioural patterns / models of modern day behavioural scientists and compares its human resource with that of “V” Shape Geese formation. It believes in inculcating the theory of sharing a common goal, travelling on a thrust of one another, staying in the formation showing solidarity, adaptability, sharing of leadership, encouragement to each other and sense of belongingness.

We in Kothari strongly believe that wisdom and lessons in life sometimes can be learnt and acquired by observations, be it man, animal, bird or for that matter nature itself.

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